Experience the transformative "YoungQi Rejuvenation Technique," where each year of dedicated practice corresponds to a year of rejuvenation.

Have you ever wondered how old you appear to others and the perception of your age? Embracing age gracefully goes beyond mere external appearance; it hinges on maintaining internal vitality. The unparalleled YoungQi Rejuvenation Technique is exclusively guided by Master Bai Yin within the realm of Bai Yin Qigong. Please note that enrollment is restricted to those who have successfully completed introductory course - HarmonyQi Stress Relief Technique courses.

Introduction to Master Bai Yin's YoungQi Rejuvenation Technique

Technique: Dragon Sea Swaying Technique
Technique: Warm Up Technique
Technique: Detoxification Technique
Technique: Qi Cultivation Technique

2024 Course Schedule

2024 YoungQi Rejuvenation Course Schedule:

👉 2024 YoungQi Class Times: (Saturday/Sunday)
YoungQi Beginner: September 21-22
YoungQi Intermediate: October 5-6 (online) or Oct 12-13 (physical in Kuala Lumpur)
🌟 If the above times are not suitable, no need to worry – we also offer make-up classes every other Saturday and Sunday during the same time slot.

Attention ⚠️: Whether Master Yin Quan's physical classes will take place is contingent upon the number of registrations. If there are insufficient participants, only online classes will be conducted.

Crafted to enhance your youthful appearance, promote a radiant complexion, boost energy levels, maintain healthy legs, and slow down the aging process compared to others, the Bai Yin Qigong YoungQi Rejuvenation Technique is a must-learn.

The YoungQi Rejuvenation Technique is designed to guide you on "resisting aging."

By self-regulating the endocrine system, which governs the pace of aging, you can extend your youthful period by 20 years.

Prolonging Youth by 20 years

Were you aware that genuine middle age doesn't hit in one's thirties or forties? A growing body of research suggests that the typical human lifespan should ideally stretch to 120 years. As one reaches middle age, it's akin to dividing 120 by 2, resulting in 60 years.

Regrettably, premature aging poses a more formidable challenge than the natural aging process. From the standpoint of nourishing life through Qi and blood, premature aging signifies a decline in functionality before the typical age. With 50 years of evidence and rejuvenation effects observed in 500,000 individuals, this internationally acclaimed slow-motion health methodology, practiced for a year, rejuvenates you by a year. Regardless of when you embark on this practice, the aging process decelerates, and instances of diseases naturally diminish.

This distinctive methodology is an absolute must-not-miss! The YoungQi Rejuvenation Course facilitates the self-regulation of the endocrine system, assisting in slowing down the aging process and achieving a revitalized state.

The Secret to Rejuvenation Resides in Vitality

Is there genuinely a panacea for maintaining perpetual youth and robust health? Indeed, the answer resides in the triad of "essence, Qi, and spirit."

Ancient wisdom posits that heaven possesses three treasures: "sun, moon, stars," while humans have three treasures: "essence, Qi, and spirit." These invaluable resources bestowed by the heavens for rejuvenation adhere to the principle that a brimming essence begets robust Qi, robust Qi begets flourishing spirit, flourishing spirit begets a healthy body, and a healthy body begets rejuvenation. The YoungQi Rejuvenation Course nurtures these three treasures—essence, Qi, and spirit—reinstating the youthful state of the body's organ functions and promoting rejuvenation both internally and externally.

Attending to the Six Major Joints

Shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, and knees—the pivotal six joints in the human body serve as its fulcrum, linking the skeletal structure, circulation, muscles, and blood vessels. Special attention is imperative to reduce the risk of injury.

In ancient times, individuals engaged in more physical labor, involving extensive joint movement. However, contemporary shifts in lifestyle have resulted in prolonged periods of sitting, diminishing joint activity. Sustaining a seated position at a 90-degree angle for extended durations places the body in a state of "tension, limited movement, and lack of lubrication." Neglecting joint movement is akin to the adage "use it or lose it." Similar to a car prone to malfunction without regular use, forsaking joint activity can lead to rust and even muscle contraction, causing considerable harm.

Revitalizing the Spine

Whether it's the Dragon Breath, Dragon Tail Wave, Dragon Probing the Sea, Dragon Ascending Swim, or Dragon Play with Pearls—all exercises in this regimen aim to recalibrate the balance of the spine and the muscles on both sides, guiding displaced organs back to their correct positions. Since various aspects of aging and spinal degeneration are intertwined, addressing the spine is foundational to the fight against aging.

The inevitable aging of the human body also impacts the circulation of Qi and blood. Specifically, the back serves as the engine of the body's circulation. Once back circulation falters, overall circulation weakens, and peripheral circulation to the limbs deteriorates. This detrimental cycle can result in cold extremities and stiffness or pain in the shoulders and back.

Practicing the YoungQi Rejuvenation Course helps relax the spine, opens the governing vessel, and ensures the smooth circulation of Qi and blood throughout the body.

Self-Fortifying Kidney Qi

Kidney Qi stands as the dynamic force sustaining youth. A weakening of kidney Qi leads to a decline in an individual's energy and physical strength, and all organ functions weaken, hastening the aging process. The appearance of youthful vitality is, in reality, a reflection of harmonized internal organ functions.

Each day, individuals deplete kidney Qi, and relying solely on sleep or diet is insufficient for replenishment. Spending ten minutes each day at home to replenish kidney Qi can mitigate this depletion. Accumulating a little each day, over a year or even five years, ensures less depletion and slower aging compared to others.

Self-regulating the endocrine system extends the youthful period by 20 years.

4 Significant Benefits of YoungQi Rejuvenation Technique

Spinal Alignment

  • Enhances circulation of Qi and blood
  • Alleviates discomfort in the shoulders and back
  • Facilitates the flow of vital energy to the extremities
  • Improves issues associated with cold hands and feet as well as postural concerns

Hormonal Balance

  • Strengthens Kidney Qi
  • Supports the optimal functioning of internal organs
  • Sustains youthful vitality

Joint Well-being

Maintains the flexibility and strength of the six major joints: shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, and knees

Holistic Well-being

  • Alleviates stress
  • Encourages a state of relaxation
  • Cultivates a positive and joyful mindset

Enhancing the Effects of Aging Caused by Imbalances

Three decades ago, my teachings in Qigong mainly attracted individuals aged 60 and above. However, in recent years, participants have predominantly been in their 40s. The contemporary emphasis on youthful health is evident. While aging is an inherent aspect of life, the desire to age gracefully and slowly is universal.

Preserving everlasting youth is a shared aspiration. Have you pinpointed the moment when you started experiencing signs of aging?

Are you content with your current physical appearance and age? The external appearance serves as a mirror reflecting overall health, and any internal issues promptly manifest outwardly. The onset of aging is scientifically documented to commence at 25 years old, indicating the initiation of the aging process. Signs such as sallow skin, dullness, blemishes, and fine lines emerge. When these indicators surface, it's a signal to be vigilant, as the body's capacity for self-repair is diminishing.

Did you know that the roots of many chronic ailments and severe conditions lie in premature aging? Those with imbalanced constitutions are more susceptible to accelerating the aging process. Despite the advancements in modern medical technology and the plethora of beauty, fitness, and dietary methods promising a youthful appearance, deep down, you might acknowledge that external beauty alone, without internal well-being and healthy organs, doesn't constitute genuine rejuvenation.

How can one achieve authentic rejuvenation? It involves self-regulation of Qi, blood, endocrine systems, fostering harmonious organ function, and effectively resisting the effects of aging. Let's promptly embark on the rejuvenation journey.

50 Years of Evidence: Rejuvenation Effects on 570,000 Individuals


Suitable for everyone, spanning from 18 to 75 years old.

Ease of Learning

Despite the apparent simplicity of the movements, the results are striking. With precise teaching methods, it is exclusively taught worldwide.


Achieve a full-body sweat and spinal flexibility within just 20 minutes.

Enhanced Blood Circulation

Regulate the waist and kidneys, promote blood circulation, and alleviate blood stasis, leaving the body feeling remarkably relaxed.


Boost the body's detoxification capacity through sweating, bowel movements, and yawning.

Qi Replenishment

Effectively address deficiencies, making it an optimal health regimen for those dealing with Qi deficiency, physical weakness, fatigue, frequent colds, and chronic illnesses.

Comprehensive Approach

The mutually reinforcing effects of beginner and intermediate levels ensure a thorough learning experience, amplifying the potency of the technique.

10 Significant Indicators of Qi and Blood Deficiency

Examine the following indicators to identify which ones resonate with your experience. If you find more than 3 items applicable to you, it suggests that you could greatly benefit from YoungQi Rejuvenation Technique.


Women's Health: Irregular menstrual cycles, scanty flow, menstrual pain, dark and clotted blood, abnormal vaginal discharge.


Eyes: Dryness, cloudy or yellowish appearance, bloodshot eyes, noticeable eye bags, heavy eyelids.


Skin: Rough and lackluster texture, dark yellow complexion, presence of pigmentation.


Hair: Dry, brittle, yellowing, split ends, hair loss, premature graying.


Hands and Feet: Sweaty and warm palms or icy cold hands and feet, flattened fingertips, or thin and weak fingertips.


Emotional Well-being: Easily irritated, prone to mood swings, difficulty in controlling emotions.


Nails: Cracked, dull, and grayish, rough surface with horizontal lines.


Gums: Shrinkage, increased gaps between teeth, frequent inflammation, swollen and painful gums.


Sleep: Difficulty falling asleep, easy to startle or wake up, frequent nighttime urination, deep and heavy breathing, or snoring.


Physical Activity: Chest tightness, shortness of breath, slow recovery from fatigue after exercise.

In addition to training the body, you can also train your emotions.

I am Master Bai Yin, the head of the school, with 34 years of teaching experience spanning two generations. My students are scattered worldwide, and I have witnessed countless individuals experiencing not only physical well-being but also joyful emotions and constant laughter through practicing "YoungQi Technique." As a teacher, I find the wonders of this trendy Qigong practice truly remarkable. This set of exercises is specially designed to create a scenario, allowing practitioners to break free from the constraints of urban life, letting their minds soar into outer space.

While one may not be able to travel physically, the mind can wander freely. Even when one cannot escape from work physically, the mind can take a vacation. Practicing for just ten minutes a day allows individuals to give their minds a break, serving as an excellent method for modern people to release stress. Many people feel remarkably joyful during the practice of "YoungQi Technique," and this ten minutes of happiness sets the tone for a satisfying and joyous start to the day, providing the correct activation and setting for one's day, ensuring a beautiful day ahead.

Taught by Master Yin Quan

This course is part of the Bai Yin Qigong system. After learning the HarmonyQi Stress Relief technique, students can advance to this course. If you have previously studied the EnerQi series, which focuses on regulating Qi and blood circulation, and YoungQi Technique, which enhances vitality and spirit, these two sets of exercises complement each other and are essential courses to master.

Guided by Master Bai Yin

All courses are meticulously designed by Master Bai Yin. In addition to the 10-hour YoungQi Beginner Class, the 10-hour YoungQi Intermediate Class, there are also two weeks of group practice after the course, along with various review sessions led by instructors, ensuring mastery of the techniques.

YoungQi Beginner

Unveiling the ancient rejuvenation method from the Chinese imperial court, a globally acclaimed practice for over 50 years!

This includes the top-rated technique, "Detoxification Technique," a 2-minute exercise surpassing the benefits of various herbs. This technique effectively detoxifies, cleansing the body, removing toxins, and balancing Qi and blood.

The second-ranking technique, "Qi Cultivation," enhances the body's ability to harmonize with the natural Qi field. It effectively addresses issues like allergies and boosts immunity, fostering abundant vitality and enhanced physical strength.

The third-ranking technique, "Rejuvenation," simultaneously activates the rotation of the waist, back, shoulders, and legs. It significantly slows joint degeneration and strengthens the legs, back, and waist.

Detoxification: In just 3 minutes, experience a whole-body warmth, relaxed shoulders and back, slight perspiration, and a remarkable detoxification effect. It reduces fatigue, improves soreness, and eliminates dampness, impurities, and illness from the body.

Sleep Aid: Effectively improves sleep quality, alleviating issues like insomnia, light sleep, vivid dreams, and nocturia. Enhancing the body's metabolic balance, it provides increased energy and vitality without strenuous exercise.

Qi Enhancement: Boosts the body's vitality, with a noticeable improvement in complexion within a few days. Muscles, tendons, and blood vessels become more flexible, alleviating tension, stress, and fatigue, promoting a relaxed mood.

YoungQi Intermediate

The YoungQi Intermediate class focuses on reactivating the body's ability to regenerate subtle substances, achieving anti-aging and longevity effects through exercise.

With 7 key techniques emphasizing the adjustment of the spine, the Belt Meridian, and the Conception and Governing Vessels, this class opens up the Small Circulation. It effectively initiates a body repair process involving blood, essence, and marrow regeneration. Daily practice energizes individuals, preventing premature aging and ensuring radiant, moisturized skin. It genuinely achieves the rejuvenating effect of looking one year younger after a year of practice.

Warm-Up and Warming the Palace: Strengthens the lower back and kidneys, improves cold hands and feet, irregular menstruation, trims the waist and abdomen, and accelerates skin recovery, playing a role in anti-aging and rejuvenation.

Spinal Activation and Blood Circulation: The incredible "Dragon Movement" induces intense sweating on the back, generating noticeable warmth in the waist and abdomen, expanding the Dantian, unblocking the Conception and Governing Vessels, and achieving the effects of spinal adjustment and blood revitalization.

Transforming Your Health, Bringing Renewal to All

國際知名養生專家 白雁老師

In each session, Master will guides us through the exercises, providing a profound boost for our body, mind, and spirit. On the initial day of the YoungQi Rejuvenation Course, starting with morning warm-up routines to activate joints and meridians, Master Yin Quan aids in the overall relaxation of our body. Master Yin Quan emphasizes the significance of daily relaxation in promoting the circulation of Qi and blood by alleviating tension and stiffness in muscles and bones.

The "Detoxification" technique serves not only as a relaxation technique but also stands out as the "Premier Exercise Worldwide" for purging and cleansing. Enhanced impurity expulsion facilitates the automatic metabolism of aging elements, fostering cell regeneration. Subsequently, the "Qi Cultivation" technique facilitates the intake of fresh Qi, with the combination of "Clearing Impurities" and "Nourishing Qi" serving as the linchpin for anti-aging rejuvenation.

In the afternoon "Rejuvenation" technique, our focus shifts to regulating endocrine functions to restore youthful vitality. Reflecting on the initial experiences of Rejuvenation exercise years ago, the editor recalls feeling profoundly sore in the waist, as if it might break from such a straightforward movement. Even a 40-year-old person could barely endure for 5 minutes.

Master Yin Quan elucidates that after practicing "Rejuvenation" technique, it triggers the life gate in the lower back, facilitating the transformation of the two kidneys and activating the body's innate healing capabilities. Presently, practicing "Rejuvenation" technique brings a smile to the face, enjoying the relaxed practice and the sensation of full vitality. The previous soreness in the waist has vanished, replaced by strength, flexible tendons, and resilient bones—an authentic affection for Rejuvenation exercises.

Master Yin Quan underscores the "Three Treasures of Medicinal Herbs—Essence, Qi, and Spirit." Sustaining health involves harmonizing yin and yang, ensuring ample Qi and blood, and fostering full Essence, Qi, and Spirit.

Through daily practice, incorporating relaxation, unblocking, and nourishment, we maintain clear meridians and ensure the harmonious flow of Qi and blood. This transformation allows turbid Qi to evolve into clear Qi, blocked Qi into flowing Qi, deficient Qi into abundant Qi, and rebellious Qi into harmonious Qi.

In today's lesson, we delved into mobilizing the Qi in the lower Dantian, accumulating energy in the lower Dantian. Understanding how to harness the beneficial Qi from heaven and earth to nourish our bodies.

We also learned the significance of expelling old and decaying Qi from the organs and eliminating metabolic waste accumulated over the years. During the practice of "Qi Amplification," incorporating kneading of the abdominal cavity and infusing Qi into the middle Dantian, the integration of yin and yang transformations stirs up tremendous energy in the human body.

YoungQi Rejuvenation truly stand as a practice that merits careful consideration. As Master Bai Yin aptly puts it, "Prepare for long-term practice, and as time unfolds, the benefits will materialize."

Additional Insights from Students

Feedback from a Student in Malaysia: "The YoungQi Rejuvenation Techniques are truly remarkable! Last December, my brother in Singapore recommended Bai Yin Qigong, suggesting it might alleviate my migraines that persisted for over 40 years. Approaching it with an experimental mindset, I began my journey in 2021, learning HarmonyQi, LotusQi, EnerQi, Sound Healing Therapy, Pigu Cleansing, and YoungQi Rejuvenation Techniques. Not only did my migraines improve, but I also unearthed hidden chronic conditions. I'm sincerely grateful for stumbling upon Bai Yin Qigong as I transitioned from a hectic career in Singapore to Malaysia. As Master wisely said, when faced with the choice between money and health, I chose health. Special thanks to the teacher and the entire team for contributing to everyone's well-being."

Testimonial from a Student in Hong Kong: "Thank you, Master Yin Quan, for your meticulous and gradual instruction. Your sharing is deeply moving, and I appreciate it. Kudos to Master Bai Yin for meticulous research and arranging outstanding exercises and accompanying music, facilitating our effortless entry into the magical realm of Qi."

After completing two days of the YoungQi Rejuvenation Course, your teaching spirit embodies that of a spiritual guide. Your patient explanations and demonstrations have profoundly inspired me, motivating me to persist in practice and reclaim the health of my younger days! Practicing with Master Bai Yin's guided music brings about a warm feeling. Gratitude to both Masters, all Instructors, and the behind-the-scenes team of volunteer seniors. Your devoted efforts serve as our strength to persevere. Thank you for being there. Grateful.

Feedback from a Student in Singapore: "I consistently find joy in class because of the teacher's dedication and the abundance of positive energy that continually influences us. I eagerly anticipate each day of practice, aspiring to master the beautiful exercises and regain a healthy body. Looking forward to the next class. [Thanks]"

Grateful to encounter Bai Yin Qigong in these challenging times. Thanks to the teacher for frequently reminding us that while making money is important, health is even more crucial. Having a lot of money is useless if you lose your health. Let's diligently practice every day.

Engaging in the Relaxation Exercise is a true delight. My brain and inner self receive profound rest, illuminated by a dawn that is bright and warm. Embracing the unity of body and mind, existing in the Qi, and the Qi within me. With a smile, youthful thoughts, and the flexibility of a boneless body, the exercises, akin to flowing clouds, thoroughly stir my internal organs.

YoungQi Rejuvenation Introduction

A 60-minute explanation of the course