Optimize Organ Functions, Enhance Circulation

Rejuvenate blood, nurture the body, and let the EnerQi 'Dayan' energy flow smoothly. The synergy of Revitalization and EnerQi 'Dayan' transcends simple addition—creating an effect greater than the sum of its parts. Master the EnerQi 'Dayan' technique; Revitalization paired with EnerQi 'Dayan' is an indispensable key to our health.

Enrollment Criteria: Completion of Introductory Qigong, HarmonyQi Course is mandatory.

Enhance circulation, stabilize organs, and indulge in a daily 20-minute practice.

Rooted in the ancient Kunlun Taoist sect's secret 'Dayan' technique, now known as EnerQi 'Dayan,' it stands out as a globally renowned and highly favored practice. EnerQi 'Dayan,' grounded in biomimicry, combines graceful movements to fortify the body's twelve meridians. Through inner cultivation and resonance utilizing the Five-Element Generating method, it effectively elevates metabolism, enhances detoxification, stabilizes the immune system, rejuvenates muscles and bones, and uplifts spirits.

Class Schedule and Tuition Details:

EnerQi Beginner: April 13-14, 9:30 am-12:30 pm, 2:30 pm-4:30 pm
EnerQi Intermediate: April 27-28, 9:30 am-12:30 pm, 2:30 pm-4:30 pm
Post-course support includes group practice, review sessions, reinforcement courses, and coach-led group reviews.
💦 Global Tuition: NT$55,000; Early bird discount for Taiwan: NT$40,000; Secure your spot with a deposit of NT$10,000.

Important Information

Early Bird Special

Enroll in the 2024 EnerQi Five Elements Course by December 3rd and receive a special gift.
1️⃣ ZhouTian Static Qigong (Value: NT$10,000)
2️⃣ EnerQi Five Elements Lecture (Value: NT$10,000)

Online Learning – Super Precise

Following the online course, you'll immediately engage in group practice and review sessions. We assure you'll remember the movements, eliminating concerns about accuracy and coherence. Simultaneously, you'll cultivate a practice routine and collectively experience the robust energy field of online group sessions. As a bonus, we'll also include two total review sessions and one reinforcement session.


A mere 10-minute practice is all it takes, providing a convenient shortcut for those leading busy lives without prior wellness experience.

Blood Revitalization

Targeting the repair of muscles and bones, it enhances blood circulation, breaks down stagnation, and alleviates overall soreness.


Eliminates accumulated waste and toxins in the blood, effectively enhancing the detoxification function of the lymphatic system.

Qi Enhancement

Effectively supplements deficiencies, offering significant assistance to individuals with weakened Qi and blood, susceptibility to fatigue, frequent colds, and chronic illnesses.

"Energy serves as the finest healer. The EnerQi Five Elements series elevates both physical and mental energy while restoring balance. By unblocking the twelve meridians within the human body, it directly addresses organ functions. Where there are obstructions, energy flows to regulate, visibly improving the aging or irregularities of organs."

Esoteric Daoist Technique

Drawing from the ancient Daoist Kunlun school's secret practice of true Qi circulation, this method concentrates on spine repair, efficiently eliminating intestinal blockages and profound fatigue. It fundamentally enhances the body's metabolic functions, strengthens the capacity for metabolic balance, promotes relaxation and stress relief, reinforces immune function, improves sleep quality, effectively dispels fatigue, and addresses cardiovascular concerns.

Happiest Bird in the Sky

The EnerQi 'Dayan' series of exercises effectively enhance liver health, alleviate fatigue, and address feelings of lethargy. Following the Twelve Meridians system, it systematically aligns with internal organs, rectifying insufficient oxygen supply, boosting the vibrational frequency of organs, and slowing down the aging process. If you frequently experience cramps, leg weakness, knee degeneration, postural issues, stiff muscles and joints, insomnia, headaches, cold extremities, swelling, frustration, or rely on medication for chronic conditions, these exercises can provide substantial relief.

The EnerQi 'Dayan' series is suitable for individuals of all ages within a family setting. For children in their developmental stages, it serves as an introduction to Qigong, offering significant support for intellectual development, skeletal growth, and emotional stability. For elderly family members, it represents an excellent preventive measure against falls, osteoporosis, degeneration, and dementia.

Online Teaching

Master Yin Quan personally teaches the course, using a progressive teaching approach, carefully demonstrating detailed movements. Master Yin Quan's witty and humorous teaching style makes the class lively and enjoyable, bringing unexpected fun to the learning experience of Qigong.

Online Group Practice

After the online course, the Bai Yin family provides meticulous care, accompanying you all the way to ensure a solid foundation for mastering the exercises. You can be confident in remembering the movements, no longer worrying about inaccuracies or disconnections, and simultaneously develop a habit of practicing, enjoying the powerful resonance of online group practice.

Care and Revision

A care team leader is available to assist you before and after class. Online revisions, detailed and thorough, are of great help to students. After the online course, certified coaches from various locations conduct two-way reviews in small groups, correcting movements, enhancing technique details, and providing face-to-face corrections and answers to practice-related questions for the students.

Online Enhancement

In-depth explanations and detailed adjustments are provided through online reinforcement. This refined learning approach allows you to continuously progress and improve in the exercises, ensuring that the techniques yield maximum effectiveness in your practice.

The Preferred Practice of Enthusiastic Learners


Upon witnessing the Instructors and seasoned practitioners showcase the EnerQi 'Dayan' Technique for the first time, my initial reaction was, 'Wow! Such elegant movements, blending softness and strength seamlessly, accompanied by uplifting music.' This ignited my desire to learn.

In the EnerQi 'Dayan' Beginner technique, I particularly enjoy the sequence of three 'Ha' sounds. The forceful stomp and loud 'Ha' provide significant stress relief, dispelling any initial feelings of dullness. As for the Five Animal Frolics, my favored exercise is the Deer Frolic, especially the Deer Gesture. It engages the entire spine, leaving the body in a state of complete relaxation.

Student Ke


The EnerQi 'Dayan' Beginners technique is time-efficient, and when combined with the Five Animal Frolics, it allows for targeted adjustments to address weak organs and regulate the body. After each practice session, I experience a refreshing sweat and a cooling effect, making it a part of my daily routine. Spending 20-25 minutes on this practice every morning kickstarts my day, and I genuinely enjoy it. I plan to continue practicing!

Student Huang


From the beginning of learning EnerQi 'Dayan' Beginners technique, I was deeply captivated by Master Bai Yin's accompanying guided music. The harmonious and delightful tunes create a relaxing and joyful atmosphere. I even play it softly as a form of mental spa during regular days or before bedtime. Master's advice to give one's hundred percent gradually paid off. Starting from an inability to bend at the waist, I progressed to fingers passing the knees, and now I've restored my body to its previous condition, able to touch the ground with my palms.

Student Chen

Have you learned the EnerQi 'Dayan' Technique?

Optimizing your exercise routine has never been easier!

Once you've mastered the techniques, how should you tailor your practice? Which exercises are best suited for your specific physical condition? How can you structure your workouts for maximum effectiveness? All content is meticulously curated by our instructor, providing invaluable guidance for your practice. Let's dive in now.

Essential Enerqi 'Dayan'  Technique by Bai Yin Qigong 

Drawing from the ancient Daoist Kunlun School's secret transmission of EnerQi 'Dayan' Technique, refined by Bai Yan Qigong, it stands as one of the premier and globally acclaimed qigong practices, recognized as EnerQi 'Dayan' Technique.

Built upon biomimicry, EnerQi 'Dayan' Technique seamlessly integrates the dynamic and static aspects of wild geese, featuring graceful movements that enhance the circulation of the twelve meridians in the human body. By incorporating internal cultivation and resonance based on the Five Elements, it effectively boosts the body's metabolism, strengthens the elimination of dampness and cold, stabilizes the immune system, invigorates muscles and bones, and aims to enhance both physical and mental well-being.

I am Bai Yin, the founder.
Master Ba9 Yin

The EnerQi 'Dayan' and YoungQi series are pivotal courses for body conditioning, each playing an indispensable role. The Rejuvenation practice regulates the endocrine system, addressing subtle substances to slow down the onset of chronic diseases and age-related degeneration. Meanwhile, the EnerQi 'Dayan' practice regulates the qi pathways, ensuring the smooth transportation of nutrients to the extremities, nourishing the organs, and promoting harmonious functioning of the five viscera without conflict or burden. These two sets of exercises are irreplaceable and constitute mandatory courses.

This set of exercises caters to a diverse age range, from 8 to 75 years old. It is universally acknowledged as the most suitable practice for children and adolescents.

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I am the Happiest Bird in the Sky!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it obligatory to complete the HarmonyQibefore undertaking the EnerQi Course?

The HarmonyQi course, specially crafted by Master Bai Yin as an introductory program, allows participants to swiftly grasp the fundamental aspects of the exercises under the instructor's guidance. Subsequently, by advancing to courses in the essential course such as EnerQi or YoungQi, enhanced learning outcomes can be achieved.

Can one master such a intricate technique within a mere 20 hours?

Under the guidance of Master Yin Quan, a progressive teaching methodology is employed. Coupled with the support of Bai Yin's qigong volunteer group and supplementary online services, there is no need to fret about the ability to grasp the technique. With a wealth of successful experiences from thousands of students, all are exceedingly pleased with the results.