All preparations are geared towards achieving a self-directed life.

If we draw a parallel between the study of human energy and the YoungQi Rejuvenation Technique, likening it to the four main pillars of a building, then the Turtle Longevity Technique and the EnerQi Advanced Technique can be seen as a high-rise structure firmly established on a robust foundation. Without a solid base, the building cannot ascend to great heights. Similarly, having a strong foundation without building upward leads to a squandering of previous investments. The doctoral program in Qigong serves as a golden thread seamlessly connecting all practices, enabling each one to manifest its full effectiveness. To acquire exceptional health-preserving skills, participation in the advanced class is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss.

Join us for the 2024 Advanced Class!

~ Offered twice a year ~

Harmonizing with Nature

Discover the art of aligning with the natural order of heaven and earth. Beyond opening the meridians, learn to circulate both internally and externally. Adapt to the cycles of heaven and earth, synchronize with seasonal and climatic changes, and resonate with shifts in the surrounding energy fields. Develop the ability to adjust to external changes, achieving a state where external threats are repelled, protected by an innate golden shield.

Adjusting Rhythm

Experience the distinct rhythms of the Turtle Longevity and EnerQi Advanced methods. The Turtle Longevity method emphasizes a slow pace, reaching deeper layers for internal cultivation. Meanwhile, the EnerQi Advanced method combines swift and gradual movements. Through dedicated practice, enhance the body's opening and closing actions, effectively dispelling dampness and cold.

Balancing Strength and Flexibility

In the advanced class, master the nuanced interplay between strength and flexibility. Some areas require forceful engagement, while others involve skillful leveraging. Understanding the dynamic balance between strength and flexibility empowers you to optimize the use of your muscles, bones, and joints. This newfound knowledge enhances your practice, whether at the intermediate or beginner levels.

Class Schedule

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Official Class Schedule】

EnerQi Advanced: Total of 12 hours

October 26-27: 10 AM - 12 PM, 2 PM - 4 PM
November 3: 10 AM - 12 PM, 2 PM - 4 PM

Turtle Longevity Technique: Total of 12 hours

November 30 - December 1: 10 AM - 12 PM, 2 PM - 4 PM
December 8: 10 AM - 12 PM, 2 PM - 4 PM

Course Highlights:

  1. EnerQi Advanced Class: 12 hours
  2. YoungQi Advanced - Turtle Longevity Technique: 12 hours
  3. Advanced Tranquility - Bio-Energy Alignment Technique: 4 hours
  4. EnerQi Advanced Online Group Practice: 6 sessions
  5. YoungQi Advanced Online Group Practice: 6 sessions
  6. EnerQi Advanced Physical Group Practice: 2 months
  7. YoungQi Advanced Physical Group Practice: 2 months
Blood Detoxification
Choosing an Unconventional Path
Returning to Basics
Learning the Art of Utilizing Force

Turtle Longevity

Returning to Basics

With the progression of age, many organs and components of the human body gradually deteriorate. Flaws appear in cell replication, leading to aging and sudden pathological changes in the body. The Turtle Longevity Technique originates from the Daoist Quanzhen School's Zhen Shan Fa Bao, guided by Daoist Master Daichang of Mount Lao, adapted by Master Gaoyun, and integrated into the Qigong Doctoral Program. Daoism, over two thousand years ago, realized that to extend life, one must master the secret method of "rejuvenating old trees with new branches," thus continuing life and enjoying a full lifespan.

Turtle Longevity Technique

Surpassing One's Own Practices

Life Reversal

Reviving Old Trees with New Shoots

As long as "a breath remains, life can be reclaimed," the clandestine teachings of the Turtle Longevity Technique reveal how, in a state of premature aging, to reignite the flame of life using the remaining embers, thereby extending life for several decades.


The Intricacy Lies in Middleway Inversion

The "Inversion Technique" of "turning adversity into good fortune" imparts the ability to reshape fate and fortune, align the path of Qi, and reconstruct the bridge between thoughts and the body. This leads to the invaluable skill of returning to the original and reversing one's life.

Three Paths

Choosing the Immortal's Route

Life offers three paths: the path of ordinary individuals, the path of common folk, and the path of immortals. In situations of insufficient vitality, the focus is on severing unnecessary energy consumption in the body, beyond mere nourishment, fortifying energy reserves, and adopting a proactive health approach.

Male-Female Techniques

Distinct Instruction

Rootless Tree Method by Zhang Sanfeng, I Ching Bagua Studies, Life Reversal Technique, Three Paths of Life, Union of Yin and Yang Energies, Individual and Dual Cultivation for Men and Women, Qian Kun Gong, Longevity Breath, Bagua Techniques, Fèng Xiáng and Guī Suō Technique, Male Techniques, Female Techniques (taught separately by male and female Master).

Twice a year, don't miss out. Autonomous life cannot wait; transcending oneself cannot wait.

YoungQi Advanced - Turtle Longevity

EnerQi Advanced

Introduction to the EnerQi Advanced Technique

Noble Energy, Resistant to Malevolent Forces

Derived from the Daoist Kunlun School's Zhen Shan Fa Bao EnerQi Technique, boasting a history of over two thousand years, it has undergone systematic adaptation. Integrating with the true Qi circulation of the initial 64 movements, it forms a comprehensive set of 128 movements.

Effectively activates the energy regulation system of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians, facilitating the inhalation and exhalation of the body's 108 acupoints. This process effectively eliminates stubbornly hidden old dampness and cold. The technique demonstrates remarkable efficacy in adjusting constitution and addressing issues of Qi deficiency and Qi counterflow.

  • The technique harmonizes strength and flexibility, seamlessly blending swift and gradual movements, presenting a graceful posture reminiscent of martial heroes or heroines. By incorporating intention, it constructs a Golden Bell Shield, endowing the body with "noble energy, resistant to malevolent forces."
  • Advanced techniques guide Qi through the Eight Extraordinary Meridians, nerves, blood vessels, organs, and interstitial pathways, addressing causative diseases, complex ailments, and hereditary conditions.
  • Develop eight internationally certified special abilities: sense of touch, bodily sensations, clairvoyance, divine vision, telekinesis, soul travel, etc.
  • Learn to detoxify the five poisons and resolve the six excesses, encompassing grain toxins, air toxins, emotional toxins, drug toxins, stagnation toxins, and external influences such as wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness, and fire. This empowers the body to synchronize with natural energy cycles and adapt to environmental changes.

Construct the Golden Bell Shield, Enhance Self-Defense Abilities


7 Advantages of the EnerQi Advanced Program

  1. Balances the Human Energy System
  2. Effectively Clears Deep-Rooted Dampness and Cold Toxins
  3. Enhances Self-Regulation Skills and Constructs the Golden Bell Shield
  4. Activates Comprehensive Functions in the Human Body
Benefit 01

The EnerQi Advanced program involves working with the Eight Extraordinary Meridians, accessing a profound energy system that acupuncture may find challenging to reach. It effectively replenishes the body with energy.

Benefit 02

The practice incorporates numerous expansive movements, serving as an excellent approach to harmonize the body's energy system. Practitioners often experience increased perspiration, improved appetite, enhanced sleep quality, and heightened mental and physical vitality. Some may exhibit signs of detoxification through Qi rashes or bleeding, providing valuable insights into the body's condition.

Benefit 03

EnerQi Advanced focuses on the Eight Extraordinary Meridians, specifically targeting dampness and cold energies within the body. Through detoxification methods such as bleeding, it expels blood toxins, proving particularly beneficial in regions with high humidity, such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, where dampness is prevalent. Mastery of this technique significantly aids in detoxification, dispelling cold, and eliminating blood toxins.

Benefit 04

Toxins, dampness, cold, and other adverse energies tend to accumulate in the joints of the body. EnerQi Advanced activates Qi and blood, intensifying detoxification, expelling damp and cold toxins from the bone joints, resulting in the expulsion of blood toxins.

Benefit 05

It enhances the ability to regulate internal Qi in response to external changes, trains the body's defense against external threats, and boosts immunity.

Benefit 06

The program strengthens organ functions, elevates the body's resistance to illness, and enhances recovery capabilities, leading to an overall improvement in physical well-being. Notably, individuals practicing this technique are less prone to colds, experience milder symptoms if they do fall ill, and recover more swiftly compared to non-practitioners.

Benefit 07

As the meridians become unblocked, the movements become effortless, unlocking dormant functions in the body. This includes heightened perception, bodily sensations, and tactile abilities, even awakening precognitive abilities. Practitioners gain the ability to ward off threats and foresee dangers, ultimately empowering them not only for self-rescue but also to assist and guide others, fostering compassion and enthusiasm to improve the health of others.


7 Benefits of Turtle Longevity Technique

Longevity and Slow Aging:
The turtle, known for its relatively long lifespan, symbolizes patience and stability. Turtle Longevity Technique allows one to regulate the pace of aging, extending the preservation period of youth and minimizing the impact of diseases.

Endurance and Resilience:
The behavioral traits of a turtle, enduring difficulties and challenges with calmness and perseverance, inspire resilience in the face of adversity.

Harmony with the World:
The slow and tranquil lifestyle of a turtle represents a life free from disturbances, embodying a serene attitude towards life.

Auspiciousness and Protection from Hardships:
Turtles are believed to bring luck and auspiciousness, capable of steering away misfortune.

Benefit 01

In the cycle of life and aging, aging is the aspect that can be regulated. Turtle Longevity Technique teaches how to adjust the speed of aging, prolong the freshness of youth, and mitigate the impact of diseases.

Benefit 02

The technique includes methods that greatly improve sleep patterns. Practitioners often find changes in their sleep routines, with some even experiencing an automatic shutdown of the body around 10 p.m. after a week of practicing Turtle Longevity. It's a remarkable phenomenon! Some have reported sleeping for three days, indicating an improvement in autonomic nervous system imbalances.

Benefit 03

Facing various stresses and challenges in life can be draining. Turtle Longevity provides a rapid way to calm the mind, bringing back one's focus. It is a treasure for busy modern individuals to take care of themselves and achieve a balance of body and mind.

Benefit 04

After practicing Turtle Longevity, there is a noticeable sense of stability and relaxation in the entire person. Not only does it bring physical and mental relaxation, but it also astonishingly isolates negative emotions before practice. After the practice, it feels like a world apart, and previous worries and emotions seem to vanish.

Benefit 05

Imagine yourself as a small sea turtle leisurely swimming in the vast ocean, effortlessly moving your limbs, peacefully navigating through the water. Enjoying freedom without worries, finding happiness and tranquility in the embrace of nature.

Benefit 06

It's hard to believe that with a good set of techniques, one can attain happiness! Practicing Turtle Longevity introduces joyful elements into the seemingly mundane aspects of life. Participants say, "Every time I hear the accompanying music, my whole body and mind settle down, filled with feelings of love and joy."

Benefit 07

Life is never smooth sailing. When challenges arise, having a method to turn things around provides an opportunity to overcome difficulties and change the course.
Practicing Turtle Longevity every day is like recharging, turning the hourglass upside down, reversing the drain on life, the loss of energy, and the exhaustion of vitality. It's a rejuvenation!
Many participants experience a continuous and subtle state of breath, both entering and leaving. After practice, physiological functions restart, and some witness the effects of rejuvenation and returning to a more authentic state.


Revitalizing Old Trees with Fresh Shoots

In the absence of roots, a tree delicately blossoms; as the tree ages, it embraces new, tender branches.
Peaches graft onto willows, mulberries connect with pears, passing down the art of self-refinement.
The ancient wisdom of immortals involves grafting, offering a remedy for the aging.
In search of wise mentors, seeking guidance on the path, swift action is needed, as delaying the start of cultivation is akin to being too late.