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Boasting 570,000 practitioners globally and a remarkable 10 million views for the Palm Trembling technique, Master Bai Yin brings 34 years of teaching experience.

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Master Bai Yin contributes regular columns to Taiwan Yahoo, China Times E-paper, Cnews, Health 2.0, and Mature Weekly.

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Bai Yin Brand Story


Our mission is to empower millions to take charge of their health and lead self-directed lives!

EnerQi = Energy Study + Qi Study, seamlessly blending Eastern and Western medicine with scientific insights, heralding the future trend of "Qi Wellness."

The amalgamation of Eastern and Western health practices stands as the radiant gem of the 21st century, offering novel therapeutic solutions to chronic diseases and intricate conditions that challenge Western medicine and science. With a wealth of clinical teaching experience exceeding 30 years, Master Bai Yin adeptly integrates ancient wisdom into modern health needs. Distilling the essence, she harmonizes Western sports medicine, human energy studies, quantum medicine, and Eastern philosophies, including Confucianism, traditional Chinese medicine, Five Elements Yin-Yang theory, and visceral meridian theories. This fusion constructs the Bai Yin philosophy of "Mastering your Self-Healing Powers for Self-Directed Health and Life." Master Bai Yin stands out as a globally acclaimed health expert, seamlessly bridging Eastern and Western approaches.

With over 30 years of teaching experience and tens of thousands of students, Master Bai Yin understands that, regardless of the method's quality, "persistence" remains the primary hurdle to progress. Recognizing this, Bai Yin Autonomous Health Management refines major Qigong techniques from various traditions, adapting them to modern health needs and environmental changes. The result is a systematic "Contemporary Qigong Program." Through continuous online and offline reviews and group practice, the program ensures ongoing support, helping students grasp the most essential "Qi Wellness" healthcare methods spanning millennia.

Hence, the saying, "A wise person treats the yet-to-be-ill rather than the already-ill." Prevention surpasses treatment. Led by Master Bai Yin and Master Yin Quan, the Bai Yin Autonomous Health Management team, comprising over 50 certified coaches, 150 professional assistants, and 370 dedicated volunteers, guides individuals into a holistic, systematic, and scientific realm of healthcare, paving the way for a new focus on holistic well-being.

Effectiveness of Bai Yin Qigong

Founded over 30 years ago, Bai Yin Contemporary Qigong inherits the teachings of Grand Master Gao Yun, spanning over 50 years of Qigong experience. Founder Master Bai Yin systematizes Grand Master Gao Yun's six-lesson Qigong teaching structure, expanding it into an academy-style instructional system. Considering the rapid pace and immense stress of modern society, leading to physical and mental tension, stiff neck and shoulders, overall soreness, energy depletion, poor sleep quality, and subsequent autonomic nervous system imbalances, Master Bai Yin reintegrates wisdom from ancient practices to formulate the "HarmonyQi Stress Relief Method" and the "LotusQi Heart Nourishing Method." These aim to bring the masses closer to learning Qigong and the benefits of Qigong health practices.

Accumulating nearly a century of Qigong teaching experience and expertise from Gao Yun Qigong, Bai Yin Contemporary Qigong stands as the only global system that transcends various Qigong sects. It incorporates Eastern and Western medicine, Western philosophical sciences, the I Ching, the Yellow Emperor's Inner Canon, Confucianism, and Daoism, becoming the EnerQi series and the YoungQi Rejuvenation series. Considering the time constraints and learning environments of modern individuals, Master Bai Yin adjusts the movements of Qigong techniques to cater to the needs of autonomous health and self-directed life. Teaching to date, Master Bai Yin has successfully guided over 500,000 students in overcoming health challenges, rewriting their life stories.

Rapid Learning

Master the essentials of health and wellness in just a few short hours of coursework. The academy-style teaching approach is relaxed, enjoyable, systematic, and packed with comprehensive content, catering to the learning preferences of today's busy individuals.

Swift Practice

With just a few minutes each day, devoid of the need for meditation or extended sitting, you can induce a full-body sweat at home. This helps in detoxifying your system, enhancing blood circulation, preventing malignant tumors, and guarding against the onset of chronic diseases.

Speedy Results

Tailored for those with hectic schedules and limited time for exercise, this approach delivers tangible results within 10 minutes. Experience increased energy levels, mental clarity, relief from soreness, improved sleep quality, disease prevention, and cancer prevention.

Prompt Revitalization

Quick Relaxation

Instant Understanding

Experience an immediate awareness of energy, gain clarity on meridian pathways, and utilize the groundbreaking "Field Formation" method to activate the body's innate self-healing capabilities. This accelerates the effects of body conditioning, making the process simple and accessible for individuals aged 8 to 80.

Quick Relaxation

Engage in daily practice for immediate relaxation, stress reduction, and the cultivation of a positive mood. This not only relaxes both the body and mind but also fosters an optimistic approach towards illness and life. Suited for individuals managing illness actively, facilitating emotional regulation, and rediscovering the joy in life.

Internationally Acclaimed Qigong Brand

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Groundbreaking Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation Approach

Master Bai Yin, an authority in Qi studies and wellness, is the steward of four treasures and a holistic expert in Qi and blood regulation active in Europe, America, and Asia. Following the teachings of Grand Master Gao Yun, she pioneers and instructs the innovative anti-aging and rejuvenation technique, gaining international recognition with over 500,000 beneficiaries across Europe, America, Central and South America, and Asia. She introduces training courses like the original "HarmonyQi Stress Relief Technique," "LotusQi Heart Nourishing Technique," "Parent-Child HarmonyQi," "Parent-Child EnerQi," "Virtuous Technique," "Sound Therapy and Pigu Cleansing Technique," and "Bio-Energy Alignment Technique."

Master Yin Quan, the Most Popular Qigong Teacher

Having established a foundation in yoga, qigong, and other practices since childhood, Master Yin Quan pursued further studies in religion, integrating it with wellness. Proficient in the study of Qi and the harmony of mind, body, and spirit, he stands out in spiritual growth and unique emotional management. Invited to serve as a visiting professor at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing, USA, Master Yin Quan taught self-care methods to nursing department deans, aspiring physicians, and nursing staff. He has lectured in Germany, Australia, Iran, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and served as the team leader in Taiwan, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and other regions. Personally instructing nearly 60 certified coaches, Master Yin Quan is frequently interviewed on health programs across television and radio stations in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and more. Notable appearances include Era News "Focus 2.0," TVBS News "Health 2.0," Eight TV "Health No.1," SET TV "Healthy Living," Formosa TV "Life Genius," and Central Broadcasting "Happiness Good Times." He also contributes as a health columnist for Yahoo News.

Master Yin Quan's exceptional wellness teachings and unique health methods demonstrate visionary insights into autonomous health. Possessing charismatic leadership that influences trends globally, he is recognized as a comprehensive and highly regarded contemporary expert in natural healing. His contemporary slow-motion Qigong movement method sets a new trend in wellness, widely embraced and loved by working professionals.

Bai Yin Qigong Milestones


Master Bai Yin's mother, Grand Master Gao Yun, begins teaching Qigong


Grand Master Gao Yun officially starts teaching classes in the United States and Canada.


Master Bai Yin officially starts teaching classes in the United States.


Master Bai Yin begins teaching classes in Taiwan.


Official commencement of classes in Germany, Switzerland, and Greece. Master Bai Yin teaches the first instructor class in Germany.


The Bai Yin family is officially established, with service teams for teaching assistants, senior volunteers, and junior volunteers established.


Master Yin Quan starts teaching Qigong.


The Bai Yin family starts international Qi Cultivation activities.


Official commencement of courses in Malaysia.


The first "Virtuous Technique" event, with over 1200 Bai Yin family members participating.


Official commencement of courses in Hong Kong.


The first Bai Yin Hope Elementary School, followed by the donation and establishment of three more Hope Elementary Schools.


Official commencement of classes for the HarmonyQi Stress Relief Technique in Singapore.


The global qualified certification instructor team reaches 37 members.


During the pandemic, the launch of "Live Broadcast Classes to Your Home" begins.


January: International Health Care Learn HarmonyQi for free.

April: HarmonyQi Learning for free in response to the Hualien earthquake.

April: First enrollment for the "HarmonyQi Stress Relief Method" large-scale online lecture.

April: Launch of the official website online course - HarmonyQi Stress Relief Method.

May: New courses introduced - Functional Courses: Body Firming, Muscle Strength, Eye Sight, Defy the Aging of Muscles & Bones, and Children HarmonyQi.

July: Creation of four pillars for online course services: publicity, administration, care, and technology.

July: Bai Yin Family online training.

July: Global Bai Yin Family forum.

August: Overseas Bai Yin Family forum with Master.

September: Global online blessing event.

December: YoungQi online group practice for 30 days, with a global total participation exceeding 45,000.


January: Nurturing Healthy Living: External hiring of health industry-related speakers for live broadcasts on wellness knowledge.

March: HarmonyQi Group Practice Week.

April: EnerQi Group Practice for 20 days, with participation from 43,000 individuals.

Embark on the Introductory Course, where the HarmonyQi Stress Relief Technique is as straightforward as this:

Just invest 10 minutes daily to address fatigue and soreness.

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