Master Bai Yin's brand new course


Stress poses a threat to the autonomic nervous system.

The course includes two comprehensive exercise routines, one for the morning and one for the evening.

It aims to regulate the autonomic nervous system, improve deep sleep, and adjust breathing frequency. Additionally, it works to enhance antioxidant cardiorespiratory circulation.

The program focuses on boosting positive confidence, increasing positive energy, and stabilizing mindfulness. It also provides a platform for expressing emotions, alleviating anxiety, and relieving mental knots.

Furthermore, the course targets the improvement of the oxygenation ability of aging cells.

With a combination of movement and stillness, the program aims to harmonize both body and mind.

30 Years to Sharpen a Blade: Self-healing Method for Balancing the Autonomic Nervous System

When Master Bai Yin introduces something, it is bound to be a masterpiece. This praise comes from students acknowledging Master Bai Yin's dedication and heartfelt efforts in the Qigong course. "VitalQi" is a completely new course crafted by Master Bai Yin after 34 years of teaching experience. It stems from observing the needs of students and addressing the changes in the stressful lifestyle of modern humans, resulting in transformations in physical and mental stress. VitalQi underwent three years of creation, two years of composing practice music, and one year of recording and mixing. Over thirty meetings took place between Master and the composer. Master's son and daughter provided the vocals, and Master Bai Yin personally bestowed blessings. The exercises are divided into two sets, "Morning Practice" and "Night Practice," to be practiced at the respective times of the day, delivering excellent results in regulating the autonomic nervous system.



Righteousness, Mindfulness, Positivity

Stress is one of the major causes that ravage physical health, age cells, and damage genes. In modern society, stress is omnipresent, making it unavoidable. Therefore, we need an effective exercise method to combat stress. Addressing the four irregularities in life: the irregularity of the circadian rhythm, dietary habits, physical activities, and the pace of life, the specially created "VitalQi" program regulates serotonin in the brain through breathing, eye exercises, spiraling movements, and walking, incorporating paths of righteous energy, right mindfulness, and positive outlook.

Morning practice revitalizes each and every cell

Are you grappling with issues like insufficient or disrupted sleep, early wake-ups, or struggling to get out of bed? Perhaps you find yourself tired during the day and restless at night, experiencing vivid dreams, teeth grinding, drooling, leg cramps, lower back pain, a yellowish complexion in the morning, afternoon drowsiness, and nighttime swelling. Unbeknownst to many, these are inconveniences resulting from an imbalance in Qi and blood. Though not considered illnesses, they accelerate cellular aging, disrupt harmony, and can even lead to cancer. Through a brief 10-minute exercise, morning practice awakens cellular vitality, balances serotonin levels, activates brain cells, improves muscle flexibility, and brightens the eyes—a crucial routine every morning.

Night practice serves as a cleansing ritual for both body and mind

As the final exercise before bedtime, it promotes steady breathing and heart rhythm to facilitate deep sleep. It aids in dispelling overall fatigue, dissolving anxiety, eradicating negative emotions, and readies you for the challenges of the next day. If you sense intangible stress in your life, lack enthusiasm for the future, experience diminished joy, feel restless, irritable, or frequently suppress emotions without an outlet, evening practice stands as the optimal cleansing exercise for your nights. Just as our bodies require a bath to rid themselves of impurities, our minds need stability and tranquility to gather the courage necessary to confront life's diverse pressures and challenges.

Effectiveness of VitalQi

Causes of Autonomic Nervous System Imbalance

Autonomic nervous system imbalance is like a hidden bomb in the body. Through the practice of Qigong, it is disarmed in advance, preventing the unconscious entry into a vicious cycle.

Spiral Theory Connects Meridians

The human DNA is spiral-shaped, and the techniques of VitalQi, based on the Daoist health philosophy, inject the spirit of Dunhuang flying Apsaras. Various spiral movements are employed to clear and connect the meridians.

Improvement of Visual Fatigue and Degeneration

Visual degeneration, experiencing difficulty or fatigue while looking at anything, significantly impacts our perspective on the beautiful world. VitalQi effectively addresses issues of eye fatigue and degeneration.

Sweeping Away Negative Thoughts

Stress can reduce the body's ability to produce serotonin. VitalQi, through the theory of the meridian flow, uses morning practice to nourish Yang and evening practice to nourish Yin, sweeping away negative thoughts.

Morning Practice as the First Act of the Day

A 10-minute exercise with internal sunlight in view, regardless of rainy days, brings warmth to the heart and is the first act of the day.

Continuous Energy Charge Throughout the Day

After morning practice, one feels invigorated without the need for caffeine, maintaining good physical and mental energy throughout the day.

Evening Practice as the Last Act of the Night

A 10-minute evening practice before bedtime restores a stable breathing rate and heart rate, thoroughly eliminating negative emotions and anxiety.

Significant Improvement in Nocturia and Shallow Sleep

Evening practice can effectively enhance sleep quality, with reduced nighttime awakenings and nocturia being the most significant secrets to nourishing Yin in the middle and later stages of life.

The Six Major Groups Most Benefiting from VitalQi

Neurological Imbalance Group

Frequent occurrences of accelerated heartbeats, chest tightness, limb numbness, acid reflux, headaches, and various pains trouble Student Wang without a clear cause. In truth, Student Wang is dealing with autonomic nervous system imbalance—a condition that, while not an illness, poses significant risks to the heart, blood vessels, and overall bodily health. VitalQi comes to the rescue by effectively regulating autonomic imbalance and ensuring a balanced secretion of serotonin.

Sedentary Lifestyle with Poor Yang Qi Group

For those spending over 6 hours a day in a seated position, overcoming a poor Yang Qi constitution can be challenging, despite attempts at dietary supplements, exercise, or sun exposure. Poor Yang Qi, characterized by insufficient internal dynamic energy, particularly when involved in extended mental work, often leads to stagnation of Qi. The innovative approach of VitalQi, grounded in the spiral theory, proves effective in reversing this issue.

Edge-of-Stress Group

Stress, identified as the trigger for autonomic nervous system imbalance and chronic illnesses, can escalate into anxiety and panic disorders. Lingering aches and pains may not be illnesses but serve as cautionary signs on the brink of stress. Since stress is an unavoidable aspect of life, a practice like VitalQi becomes essential to balance the body's response and mitigate the side effects of stress, showcasing notable anti-stress effects.

Retirement Reorganization Group

Post-retirement, sudden shifts in the body's circadian rhythm can lead to unexpected health issues. Regulating the autonomic nervous system post-retirement is not as simple as resting or staying idle. Specific methods are necessary to restore the flexibility of the nervous system's regulatory capacity. VitalQi emerges as an effective solution, adjusting the body's flexibility and enhancing the automation of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

Overworked Brain Group

Professionals like engineers, teachers, finance experts, salespersons, and designers often find themselves in the category of individuals overusing their brains. Without adequate regulation methods, this lifestyle can accelerate premature brain aging. VitalQi steps in as a solution, effectively calming the cerebral cortex, the area around the eyes, the trigeminal nerve region, and the spinal nerve—a crucial practice for the overworked brain group.

Self-Demanding Group

Student Huang, who excelled academically from a young age, faced high expectations from parents and pursued success diligently. Suddenly, during a meeting, Student Huang experienced symptoms like rapid breathing, cold limbs, blank thoughts, and dizziness, ultimately diagnosed with panic disorder. VitalQi serves as a preventive measure, averting the worsening and occurrence of such issues in the self-demanding group.

Fantastic Guided Music "Tranquil Heart"

Morning Technique Angelic Choir

Night Technique Sage Blessings

A unique guided music, meticulously planned for two years, prepared for one year, and produced for six months. It features the celestial sounds of the Angelic Choir during morning practice and the guided blessings from Master Bai Yin during night practice. This distinctive creation is carefully crafted and is sure to be cherished once experienced.

Master Bai Yin's

Exclusive Practice Techniques

These demonstration images are all from VitalQi

If you have ever seen photos of Master Bai Yin demonstrating various movements, you must have wondered, which practice do these movements belong to? Yes, all of these are movements from the VitalQi practice. This time, you have the opportunity to master this set of techniques for a lifetime of practice.

You will learn the "Morning techniques": Ascending Form, Awaken Sight, Soar and Stretch, Awaken Po, Daybreak Spiral, Sunrise Spiral, Awaken Hun, Sunward Spiral, Heighten Spiral, Enlightened Path, Surge Forward, Intense Spiral, Ascend Shift, Awaken Shen and Descending Form, among others, totaling 15 sets of Morning techniques.

"Night techniques" comprises 8 sets of techniques: Tranquil Stroll, Mindful Breathing, Neck Relaxation, Pelvic Relaxation, Attentive Breathing, Core Stability, Essence Breathing, and Completion Technique, among others.

You will learn

You'll acquire 15 sets of techniques for "Morning Technique" and 8 sets for "Night Technique." These unique techniques are rooted in the principles of Taoist transmission, with influences from traditional Chinese medicine, theories of autonomic nervous system regulation, biological clock regulation, sound therapy, DNA self-repair, and Dunhuang theory.

  • Ascending Form
  • Awaken Sight
  • Soar and Stretch
  • Awaken Po
  • Sunrise Spiral
  • Intense Spiral
  • Tranquil Stroll
  • Pelvic Relaxation
  • Core Stability
  • Awaken Shen
  • Sunward Spiral
  • Heighten Spiral
  • Enlightened Path
  • Surge Forward
  • Mindful Breathing
  • Attentive Breathing
  • Essence Breathing
  • Completion Technique

Senior sister jia rong

Regional Leader

I've been eagerly awaiting the introduction of the Master's new techniques for more than a decade

"I've been a student of Master Bai Yin for 30 years. I understand that whenever Master Bai Yin introduces new techniques, it's in response to the students' needs, and the master releases them from her repertoire. In truth, the master's meticulous research and profound understanding of the techniques give me unwavering confidence. I'm absolutely ready to enroll immediately; I don't want to miss out."

VitalQi Course Fee Information

Since the inaugural launch of VitalQi (Mandarin), thousands of individuals worldwide have experienced significant benefits. Morning Practice rejuvenates the spirit, leaving you radiant throughout the day, while Night Practice brings the mind back, substantially improving sleep-related issues. VitalQi goes beyond by enhancing the coordination of body and soul, aiding in the correction of the autonomic nervous system, and elevating mindfulness, ensuring a life filled with positivity on the path towards self-directed and optimistic living.

The course fee is only NT$50,000 (equivalent to US$1,724) 

🌹Intensive Morning Practice Classes: September 24, 2023, Saturday & Sunday, 10 AM - 12 PM, 2 PM - 5 PM (In-person/Online simultaneously)

🌹Globally unified unlimited replay, with a one-year learning period

  1. VitalQi Priority-Learn: 5 sessions, total 150 minutes
  2. VitalQi Bai Yin e-Lectures: 5 sessions, total 150 minutes
  3. VitalQi Autonomy-Learn: 10 sessions (complete instruction on Morning Practice, Night Practice, and Tranquility Practice), total 600 minutes
  4. VitalQi Refinement-Learn: Total 120 minutes
  5. VitalQi Group Practice (Scheduled separately, notification will be provided)
A globally standardized course fee grants a one-year learning qualification, allowing limitless access to educational content.

The pricing is uniform across the globe. Overseas students from Europe, the Americas, Australia, and other regions can conveniently make online payments using credit cards. If facing difficulties with the transaction, PayPal is also accepted as an alternative payment method.

Distinctive Aspects of VitalQi

The structure of this VitalQi program is purposefully crafted to align with Master Bai Yin's vision for online education. It starts with a pre-course, the "Priority-Learn," where foundational movements of various techniques are introduced, ensuring a gradual and thoughtful learning process. Subsequently, the "Autonomy-Learn" allows flexible learning according to your schedule and pace, eliminating concerns about missing classes or forgetting details during a session. You have the freedom to revisit the lessons until you are satisfied, with a generous one-year learning period, enabling a relaxed and gradual approach.

To further enrich the learning journey, Master Bai Yin has introduced the Refinement-Learn, providing comprehensive explanations and group energy sessions to enhance each participant's experience. Additionally, interactive consultations and Q&A sessions led by coaches offer a platform for learning interaction, addressing individual queries, creating a seamlessly integrated learning experience.

Effects of Learning VitalQi

Before learning VitalQi, many people's autonomic nervous system was like a driver driving erratically, stepping on the gas when they should hit the brakes and vice versa.

After learning VitalQi, you will effortlessly manage stress, emotions, and breathing. You can quickly relax, achieve tranquility, and immediately boost your energy. The ability to self-regulate the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems is significantly enhanced.

You will feel energized throughout the day and experience improved deep sleep quality at night. Emotional regulation is strengthened, leading to a cheerful mood, steady breathing, and a stable heartbeat. Simultaneously, it effectively alleviates stress on organs such as the heart, stomach, liver, and colon, extending the lifespan of these organs.

Lastly, VitalQi has excellent preventive effects on eye fatigue, blurred vision, aging, cataracts, retinal degeneration, macular degeneration, and more.

Additional Benefits: Numerous Advantages of Learning VitalQi

Benefit 1: "Enhancement of Other Practices" — Eye training supports the graceful movement of the EnerQi Beginner & Five Element Rejuvenation Technique, Tranquil Stroll contributes to the lower body's weight shifting during YoungQi practice, and the Spiral technique aids in relaxing the shoulders and back.

Benefit 2: "Discovering Hidden Body Issues" — Without practice, one might not be aware, but once practiced, it becomes apparent that there are many areas in the body that need adjustment, addressing those neglected corners of the body.

Benefit 3: "Being a Student Again is Great" — Continuous learning leads to progress. Acquiring new knowledge awakens the desire for improvement, activates the brain, and brings new goals to daily practice.

Benefit 4: "Reactivating the Body" — After practicing a technique for a while, the body adapts, and its activation diminishes. Learning a new technique enables the body to prepare for battle again, activating many dormant cells, essentially giving the body a reboot.

Benefit 5: "Rediscovering the Joy of Practice" — Daily practice can become monotonous and less energetic over time. Learning a new technique brings freshness; attention is immediately engaged, and the joy lies in the learning process—from initially being unable to do something to enjoying the ability to do it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about VitalQi.

Who can learn VitalQi?

All HarmonyQi students are eligible to enroll. It is highly recommended for those who have previously learned EnerQi, YoungQi, or completed the Advanced courses, as the foundational differences in understanding and potential for enhanced effects make it even more beneficial.

Duration and Format of VitalQi Classes?

The course spans 20 hours and is conducted online, with the added bonus of in-person classes in Taipei. For other locations, Instructors will handle the in-person guidance. The online course comprises four components: 1. Priority-Learn

2. Bai Yin e-Lecture Series

3. Autonomy-Learn

4. Refiniment-Learn.
All components are available for unlimited viewing, allowing ample learning opportunities within a year.

When Does the Enrollment Start, and When Can I Begin Classes?

You can start classes at any time, and there is no need to worry about missing sessions since the course is designed for repeated viewing. The one-year learning opportunity allows you to proceed at your own pace, ensuring effective and thorough learning without any rush.

Are There Physical Classes for VitalQi?


Why Consider Learning VitalQi After Completing EnerQi/YoungQi?

The "Morning Practice" in VitalQi is tailored for morning sessions and can seamlessly blend with your existing EnerQi or YoungQi routine. Similarly, the "Evening Practice" is designed for nighttime and can be integrated after your EnerQi or YoungQi exercises. Ensure that VitalQi Night Technique is the final practice in your session, with detailed instructions provided by Master.

Key Reasons for Embracing VitalQi:

Revitalize Body and Mind: Embracing a new set of exercises brings a rejuvenating impact on both the body and mind. As the body adapts to a specific set over time, initial reactions and enthusiasm diminish. This indicates a need for a fresh stimulus. Learning a new set of exercises activates cells, re-energizes the immune system, engages muscles and bones, and restores balance—an essential step in revitalizing the body.

Tailored Time Arrangement: VitalQi stands out as the only set of exercises meticulously arranged for morning and evening practices. This allows you to establish a routine of commencing your day with the first set and reserving the last set for your evening practice.

Comprehensive Breathing Training: VitalQi uniquely provides thorough training in breathing techniques, enhancing respiratory capabilities.

Innovative Eye Training Method: VitalQi introduces a distinctive eye training method that goes beyond traditional eye massages, addressing both body-mind adjustments and autonomic nervous system imbalances.

I'm Currently Learning YoungQi. Should I Enroll in VitalQi or EnerQi Next?

If you are currently learning YoungQi, it's recommended to prioritize enrolling in the EnerQi course next, as these two sets of exercises form the essential foundation of Bai Yin Qigong. However, if the VitalQi course is available, you can enroll and start at your own pace. There's no time restriction for completing the course, providing flexibility for future participation.

I'm Learning YoungQi Now. Will Enrolling in VitalQi Be a Leap?

No, the design of this course is hierarchical, and it caters to learners at various levels. Whether you are learning HarmonyQi for the first time, have completed YoungQi, EnerQi, or even the Advanced Courses, this course is highly beneficial. VitalQi specifically addresses the adjustment of the autonomic nervous system, a focus not emphasized in other exercises. Different learners with varying backgrounds will experience different levels of learning and training effects, all contributing to a significant improvement in proficiency.

I Don't Have a HarmonyQi Instructor. What Should I Do?

If you don't have a HarmonyQi Instructor, no worries. Association will assign you an Instructor that can serve you well.

I'm Not Comfortable with Online Learning. Will There Be Guidance?

Before the classes commence, there will be small instructional sessions conducted by Instructors. Additionally, Master will provide detailed instructional videos. Our care group leaders will be available in the group to answer any questions related to the classes. There's no need to worry about the online learning process.

I've Enrolled, but the Class Schedule Doesn't Suit Me. What Should I Do?

This is the unique aspect of the VitalQi design. There is no fixed class schedule for this course, allowing you to start and attend classes at any time, with no limits on the number of sessions. Master Bai Yin's weekend intensive learning sessions will be recorded, ensuring that you can catch up at your convenience.

Is There a Deadline for Learning VitalQi?

VitalQi has a one-year learning period. Therefore, after completing the YoungQi, EnerQi or Advanced courses, you have a whole year to slowly learn VitalQi. The extended learning period is intentional, as regulating the autonomic nervous system requires a relaxed and stress-free learning approach. There's no urgency, fixed class schedule, or fear of missing out, allowing you to learn at your own pace. The course includes "Autonomy-Learn" where you can learn at your own speed. However, you won't be studying alone without motivation. The "Refinement-Learn" with Master's guidance and the Instructor's "Guidance-Learn" with real-time feedback ensure a perfect balance between self-paced and guided learning. All courses, except for physical classes, will provide replay options, eliminating concerns about missing any activities.


Bai Yin e-lecture




Bonus! Physical Classes: Instructor's Extensive Guidance-Learn Workshop

Indeed, we understand your eagerness for physical classes. Instructors globally have organized in-person coaching sessions to aid in revision, enhance the Qi experience during practice, and feel the collective energy field. Don't miss this unique opportunity for in-person courses; the difference is substantial. Please be particularly mindful and refrain from practicing casually. While spectators may find it entertaining, experts recognize the nuances. It's better not to learn than to practice without mastering it. Incomplete learning is better left untouched.

Master Bai Yin's Educational Treasury - A Guide to Self-Assessment for Autonomic Nervous System Imbalance

In the contemporary era, stress stands as the nemesis of the autonomic nervous system. Stress acts as the detonator that can disturb your heart rate, breathing, digestion, urination, and overall nervous system at any given moment. It's crucial to be acquainted with and learn a method for self-regulating the autonomic nervous system, stabilizing the mind, maintaining emotional equilibrium, and safeguarding the heart and spirit. Enroll in our class.