The Daoist Secret Transmission of Sound Therapy and Pigu Cleansing Technique

Balancing the subtle vibrations of internal organs, promoting equilibrium between the left and right brain functions. Utilizing discreet sound techniques emitted through the mouth to induce organ vibrations, this practice focuses on restoring and stabilizing organ frequencies. Following the harmonization of organ frequencies, it involves a cleansing fasting process to minimize various gastrointestinal issues. This holistic approach effectively addresses concerns such as gastroesophageal reflux, abdominal bloating, imbalances in stomach acid, constipation, intestinal bloating, abdominal fat accumulation, enlarged buttocks, excess body fat, muscle depletion, low energy levels, vitality deficiency, fatty liver, cholesterol imbalances, blood sugar irregularities, hereditary cancer prevention, comprehensive body detoxification, and the elimination of intestinal toxins.

The Excellence of Sound Therapy and Pigu Cleansing

In the realm of Qigong practice, a fundamental grasp of Daoist fasting principles is imperative! This embodies profound wisdom for fostering health and warding off illness.

Why engage in Pigu Cleansing?

One of the contributors to aging and ailments in the human body is the accumulation and fermentation of residual matter in the large intestine, giving rise to harmful substances that induce chronic toxicity. Beyond the buildup of fatty oils around the waist and abdomen, this process triggers constitutional changes due to impure blood, lymphatic gland blockages, diminished immunity, and heightened detoxification burden on the liver and kidneys.

Sound Therapy and Pigu Cleansing can swiftly and effectively aid in toxin elimination from the blood. It ameliorates symptoms of chronic diseases such as fatty liver, diabetes, gynecological issues, rheumatic conditions, gastrointestinal disorders, allergies, rhinitis, and swelling. Clinical studies indicate that post Sound Therapy and Pigu Cleansing, white blood cell counts in the body normalize or even multiply, leading to effective alleviation of various inflammations while regulating the digestive and nervous systems, all achieved with safety and devoid of side effects.

Moreover, Sound Therapy and Pigu Cleansing fundamentally enhance nutrient absorption efficiency in the body. This dual-action process facilitates weight loss in the obese, weight gain in the underweight, and results in supple, elastic skin. Sound Therapy and Pigu Cleansing play a pivotal role in regulating the digestion, absorption, and excretion processes within the human body.

Sound Therapy Organ Enhancement - Facilitating Repair

A methodology aiding in the preliminary repair of visceral organs.

Sound therapy, secret sound therapy—these are ancient Daoist internal health practices. The Sound Therapy course involves emitting secret sounds through the mouth, listening to six special instruments, and engaging with secret sound music crafted from ancient musical scales Gong, Shang, Jiao, Zhi, Yu. It delivers both an enjoyable auditory experience and a gratifying practice. The approach significantly contributes to balancing the left and right brain, regulating the interbrain, stabilizing blood pressure, heartbeat, emotions, fostering emotional well-being, and maintaining equilibrium between rationality and sensibility. Furthermore, it supports visceral vibrations and stabilizes organ functions.

Before embarking on fasting, mastery of the Sound Therapy technique is essential to initiate preliminary organ repair, thereby reducing potential harm in the future.

Nutrition Therapy Fasting - Minimizing Harm

A method to assist in minimizing harm to the digestive system.

Fasting represents a profound wisdom in Daoist health practices. It constitutes a sacred dietary Qi therapy within Qigong, serving as a rejuvenation secret implemented regularly by the two teachers each year. "Fasting has been my health secret for 30 years, and it's the key to maintaining youth. It involves abstaining from certain foods, such as grains, for a specified period—a detoxification method beneficial for the entire body," attests Master Bai Yin. With 30 years of personal experience, she affirms that fasting is the safest, most feasible, and effective dietary therapy for health. This course stands as one of the quintessential teachings in Bai Yin Qigong.

Mutual Complementarity

Our five viscera and six bowels are incessantly at work. When the organ frequencies deviate from normal, local blood circulation may stagnate, leading to insufficient organ function due to weakened vibrations. Hence, before fasting, the Sound Therapy organ regulation method is implemented to soothe and relax the organs, facilitating repair. Subsequently, when combined with fasting, the effects of clearing intestinal toxins and reducing blood lipids are amplified.

Fasting is not synonymous with starvation; participants have access to soups, fruit juices, and fasting techniques to assist in cleansing intestinal toxins. Under the teacher's guidance, an 8-day abstention from worldly food allows the digestive system to rest and restart, unraveling the mysterious and remarkably effective aspects of fasting techniques.

The positive testimonials from every Bai Yan Qigong student reflect the wonders of this practice. Participants will witness the latent potential within their bodies, experiencing not hunger but rather heightened energy, lightness in their step, and radiant skin.

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Introduction to Introducer gifts

Overview of recent courses on YoungQi + Pigu Cleansing

The Sole and Unparalleled Summit Experience Anew

In the 2023 program, a unique opportunity unfolds as Master Bai Yin personally imparts the extraordinary Daoist secret sound dietary therapy course - 'Sound Therapy & Pigu Cleansing.'

Unprecedentedly, Master Bai Yin herself leads the class, introducing a completely revamped schedule for the Sound Therapy & Pigu Cleansing course. Whether you're a first-timer or revisiting, expect a rejuvenated perspective, akin to a fresh start.

Advantage One: Extended Course Duration

The original 16-hour duration of the YoungQi Pigu Cleansing course has now been extended to 20 hours, providing a more comprehensive and enriching experience.

Advantage Two: Addition of 10 Supplementary Classes

"Early Birds" gain exclusive access to 10 additional classes of "Teacher Rich's Dietary Therapy." Post Sound Therapy & Pigu Cleansing, these sessions delve into the intricacies of the 'Nine Palaces Pain Points' covered in the course, offering detailed insights into the significance of each pain point and how to adjust dietary habits. (Brand new content)

Advantage Three: Incorporation of Q&A Sessions

"Early Birds" enjoy dedicated Q&A time with Master Bai Yin in a live session, under the theme 'You Ask, Master Bai Yin Answers.'

Advantage Four: Bai Yin e-Lecture Hall

"Early Birds" gain entry to 'Bai Yin e-Lecture Hall - Special Class on Sound Therapy & Pigu Cleansing.'

Advantage Five: Priority-Learn

Introduction of 'Priority-Learn' for Pigu Cleansing, focusing on pivotal details of the process, allowing participants to revisit the content until the Sound Therapy & Pigu Cleansing journey is completed.

Advantage Six: Addition of Multiple Guidance Sessions

Includes one physical class session for Sound Therapy & Pigu Cleansing in-person guidance; adds five group practice sessions for Sound Therapy & Pigu Cleansing; incorporates an "Early Bird" registration for 'Bai Yin e-Lecture Hall - Special Class on Sound Therapy & Pigu Cleansing.'

Analysis of Previous Pigu Cleansing Results

In 2021, according to the recorded submissions from participants, Taiwanese students collectively shed 328 kilograms, with a combined reduction of 556 centimeters in waist circumference. The standout global Pigu Cleansing achiever in this round was Mr. Chen from Singapore, who successfully lost 5.95 kilograms and decreased his waist circumference by 6.4 centimeters.

Highlights from Taiwanese Participants:
Body Fat: Most Significant Reduction - Ms. Jiang Xuzhu (Female) 4.7 kilograms
Waist Circumference: Most Significant Reduction - Ms. Chen Xiyi (Female) 10.0 centimeters

Highlights from Hong Kong Participants:
Body Fat: Most Significant Reduction - Ms. Chen Xingming (Female) 4.5 kilograms
Waist Circumference: Most Significant Reduction - Ms. So Shun (Female) 11.5 centimeters

Highlights from Malaysian Participants:
Body Fat: Most Significant Reduction - Ms. Huang Xuping (Female) 3.7 kilograms
Waist Circumference: Most Significant Reduction - Mr. Yu Xuhui (Male) 3.5 centimeters

Testimonials from Sound Therapy & Pigu Cleansing Students

Student Zhang

MY Student

Embarking on the 2021 practice, I entered the second day of the Pigu Cleansing cycle. Since I had to work, I woke up early to prepare Pigu Cleansing soup before starting my exercises. The Abdominal Workout and Nine Points Technique proved immediately effective, leading to a quick visit to the restroom. Continuing with the High-Style Detoxification, Pigu Cleansing Earth Circulation, and Sound Therapy Technique, I repeated the process, followed by enjoying Pigu Cleansing juice, which was surprisingly delicious. Heading to work with a joyful mood, the busy schedule didn't make me feel hungry. Whenever hunger struck, I sipped on Pigu Cleansing soup, finding it unexpectedly sweet and enjoyable. I experienced frequent burping throughout the day, feeling comfortable. In the afternoon, I also had apple juice for energy replenishment. Even though I only had juice and soup today, I still feel great and am looking forward to what comes after Pigu Cleansing.

Day 1 of the 2021 practice marked the official start of Pigu Cleansing, and I experienced excellent results. My energy levels and physical well-being were remarkable, and I ate less, feeling exceptionally focused and refreshed! However, after learning the Sound Therapy Technique, I noticed itching sensations in various parts of my body, indicating stiffness and lack of flexibility from years of sedentary lifestyle. Even scars from past vaccinations and injuries near the elbow became itchy, suggesting blockages in the meridians underneath these scars. Using the techniques taught, the itching improved significantly. I deeply felt the comprehensive improvement in the body's qi and blood circulation, eagerly anticipating the end of the itching period. I've already lost 1 kilogram in weight today, reduced my waist circumference by 1 centimeter, and noticed a considerable reduction in underarm odor. Today's morning practice included High-Style Detoxification, Pigu Cleansing Earth Circulation, and planning to do the Sea Swaying Technique in the evening!

Student Yang

TW Student

Student Zhang

TW Student

Day 3 of Pigu Cleansing practice in 2021, after morning exercises and Six-Sound Theory, I noticed red rashes on the abdomen area after performing the Nine Points Technique. They are not painful or itchy, perhaps due to excessive pressure during the massage. I'll adjust my force and improve tomorrow. I had Pigu Cleansing juice for breakfast, which was delicious and satisfying. I would love another cup! Yesterday, while cooking the Pigu Cleansing soup, I, who had a poor sense of smell, suddenly became more sensitive. Today, savoring the Pigu Cleansing soup, I realized how delicious it is. In the afternoon, gas expulsion increased, but I felt good and not particularly hungry. Following the teacher's instructions and consulting the materials whenever in doubt, I feel cared for and warm in this journey!

Unknowingly, it's already the fifth day. Entering the second day of the semi-Pigu Cleansing phase, I surprisingly had the best day in terms of energy, perhaps due to reduced anxiety and increased habituation. My digestive system is adapting to and enjoying the process! During the lunch break yesterday, practicing the Six Sounds, I felt deeply moved. Despite not playing the music loudly, the notes were engraved in my mind, and I could feel their presence. Breathing slowly, enjoying the breath within me, and being in the breath felt wonderful!

Today is the first day of the Restorative Diet period, and the bowel movement is likely the most satisfying in recent times, both in terms of color and shape. Today's morning practice of High-Style Detoxification during Pigu Cleansing was no longer as challenging as the first day, and through the warmth and massage of the hands, I listened to the messages my digestive system conveyed, making today softer and gentler! Having vegetable congee for breakfast, eating slowly and savoring each bite, unlike the rushed big gulps of congee in the past, made the experience more comfortable.

Every step in life counts, and there are no wasted paths!

During the Pigu Cleansing period, no matter which phase we reach, having each other, walking together, caring for each other, greeting and reminding each other, we can smoothly navigate through.
While clearing the intestines, we also help cleanse the soul!
Seeing the before-and-after comparison of the washing machine drum at home being disassembled and cleaned—wow! It's really similar to our intestines!
Turns out, sediment and stubborn dirt accumulate over time, even with regular self-cleaning. Although it's done periodically, the annual deep cleaning still reveals a lot of stubborn dirt.
Although I can't see the condition of my intestines, after the Pigu Cleansing period, I am confident they are smooth and shiny.

On the fifth day of Pigu Cleansing, I blinked, and it's already the dietary therapy period. Initially concerned about two days of zero satisfaction, only soup and water, fearing low blood sugar, trembling hands, and midway giving up—it didn't happen! Also, some worries about morning ABC juice inducing severe nasal allergies—didn't happen. The level of ease and joy makes me question, is it really happening?

For five consecutive days, the teacher earnestly reminded us in the group about what to pay attention to each day. Every time I saw it, I always copied it to the "me" group, read it several times a day, grasped the general direction, and adjusted the small details based on my situation. I feel that Pigu Cleansing is just as straightforward as daily life!

The vegetable congee I brewed in the morning smells so good! Savoring it slowly, not in a hurry, waking up the resting stomach, it's time to move  Ate a piece of soda biscuit in the afternoon (usually not a favorite because of its simple ingredients ). The first bite today had a faint sweet flour fragrance in the mouth. The small bite became more fragrant with each chew, such a happy feeling  It turns out that simple food can bring such joy!"

Student Wang

SG Student

Details of the Sound Therapy and Pigu Cleansing Course

Sound Therapy Course

A total of 10 hours of classes
Class Schedule:
September 9-10 (Saturday and Sunday) from 10 AM to 12 PM, and 2 PM to 5 PM

The Sound Therapy Course involves vocalizing secret sounds, listening to six unique instruments, and experiencing the secret sound music composed of ancient syllables Gong, Shang, Jiao, Zhi, Yu. It provides both auditory enjoyment and enjoyable exercises. It is exceptionally beneficial for balancing the left and right brain, regulating the intermediate brain, stabilizing blood pressure and heart rate, maintaining emotional stability, promoting comfortable emotions, and achieving a balance between rationality and sensibility. It also aids in organ vibrations and stability.

Pigu Cleansing Course

A total of 10 hours of classes
Class Schedule:
December 9-10 (Saturday and Sunday) from 10 AM to 12 PM, and 2 PM to 4 PM
December 16 (Saturday) from 10 AM to 12 PM

Pigu Cleansing is not fasting, starving, or a weight loss method. It is aimed at eliminating intestinal toxins, overcoming cravings, restarting intestinal functions, and strengthening the immune system. The Pigu Cleansing course includes techniques, dietary guidelines, and exercises, making it a relaxed and comprehensive approach. The course reactivates intestinal bacteria, enhancing immune function, and is essential for everyone as it promotes health through moderate eating.

Additional Post-Class Course Details

▶️Extended Course Duration to 20 Hours

🎁 "Early Bird" package now includes 10 sessions of "Rich's Nutritional Course." After completing Pigu Cleansing, these sessions delve into the intricacies of the "Nine Palace Grid Pain Points," offering detailed explanations about what each pain point signifies and how to adjust your diet accordingly. (Freshly produced content valued at NT$6,000)

🎁 "Early Bird" package now includes exclusive Q&A time with Master Bai Yan in live sessions. (Valued at NT$6,000)

🎁 "Early Bird" package now includes a special lecture by Master Bai Yan on the Sound Therapy and Pigu Cleansing technique. (Valued at NT$6,000)

🎁 "Early Bird" package now includes one in-person Sound Therapy classroom guidance session. (Valued at NT$4,000)

👋 Introduction of "Priority-Learn" for Pigu Cleansing, providing crucial details that can be replayed throughout the entire Pigu Cleansing process.

👋 Addition of 7 group practice sessions for the Sound Therapy Course.



Why wait? Take the opportunity to revitalize your digestive system now!

Our approach ensures safety, effectiveness, and scientific grounding, all while incorporating insights for future dietary therapies. It provides a comprehensive practice that seamlessly complements any Bai Yin Contemporary Qigong techniques. The Sound Therapy technique stands as an essential exercise for all 24 solar terms. Full Pigu Cleansing is recommended annually, with smaller-scale sessions conducted quarterly, guaranteeing the perpetual youth and health of our gastrointestinal tract.


Who should provide additional information when registering for the Sound Therapy and Pigu Cleansing program?

Individuals with the following conditions need to provide details:
Hypertension (as determined by a doctor and requiring medication)
Congenital heart disease or heart conditions (as determined by a doctor and requiring medication or treatment)
Within 6 months post-surgery (excluding trauma or fractures)
Gastric ulcer (requiring medication for treatment)
Intestinal disorders (including functional disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome)
Cancer (post-surgery)
Diabetes (abnormal blood sugar levels before or after meals, either not requiring medication or already taking medication)
Under 20 years old
Over 70 years old
Physically weak
Liver tumor, liver cirrhosis patients (excluding carriers of Hepatitis B or C)

What are the qualifications for attending the Sound Therapy and Pigu Cleansing program?

Qualifications for attending the program include being a EnerQi and YoungQi student. For the Pigu Cleansing segment, participants should have completed at least 4 courses, including EnerQi and YoungQi courses. If you have only completed the initial or intermediate Bai Yin course due to special circumstances, you are limited to enrolling in the Sound Therapy segment. The tuition for Pigu Cleansing is half of the full program.

Who should not participate in the Pigu Cleansing program?

The following individuals are not eligible for the program:
Pregnant or recently had a miscarriage
Planning surgery
Mental disorders (including depression, bipolar disorder)
Recent heart surgery (including catheterization, bypass, or pacemaker)
Liver or kidney transplant recipients
Brain disorders (including epilepsy, cerebrovascular disease)
Severe gastric ulcers
Over 70 years old
Under 22 years old
Dizziness or severe migraines
Those requiring insulin for diabetes control
Terminal cancer patients

What specific body conditions should participants pay attention to during Pigu Cleansing?

☆ Participants meeting certain criteria should closely follow the detailed instructions provided by the teacher during the course for optimal assistance. Conditions include:

Low blood sugar (as determined by a doctor)
Low blood pressure (as determined by a doctor)
Depression (as determined by a doctor and requiring medication)
Within 3 months post-surgery
Uterine fibroids (larger than 6 cm)
Colonic polyps (not yet operated on, no need to inform if operated)
Severe constipation (requiring medication)
Hemorrhoids (severe, recommended for surgery by a doctor)
Cancer (less than 5 years since diagnosis)
Abdominal surgery (less than one year post-surgery)
Gallstones (recommended for surgery by a doctor)
Gallbladder inflammation (history of attacks in the past year)
Hyperthyroidism (requires medication for control).

Will I feel hungry or not eat during the fasting period?

Absolutely not. We provide Pigu Cleansing soup, Pigu Cleansing juice, and Pigu Cleansing supplement packs. What we are disconnecting is not the food but rather that sense of insecure dependence, the anxiety of not eating. Amid our busy lives, our digestive system has long forgotten what it feels like to have nothing to do. Give your digestive system a break, let it rest, and you'll discover that your body responds better and more sensitively.

How does learning other practices benefit from combining them with the Sound Therapy and Pigu Cleansing?

Sound Therapy and Pigu Cleansing is an enhanced version of the system focusing on visceral sound vibration after completing the EnerQi and YoungQi courses. While practices like the Five Elements focus on individual organ adjustment, Sound Therapy emphasizes interactivity, connection, and overall harmonious resonance between organs. It offers a higher level of depth and breadth compared to the Five Elements. Many participants experience significant results after their first session, a depth of understanding that traditionally took years to achieve.

Can I continue with my normal work routine during the Pigu Cleansing period?

All work, daily activities, and exercises remain completely normal. However, if a woman's menstrual cycle coincides with the Pigu Cleansing period, she should wait until the cycle ends before starting Pigu Cleansing. This does not affect attendance, classes, or any other aspects.

What combinations are available for the 2023 Sound Therapy and Pigu Cleansing course?

The Sound Therapy and Pigu Cleansing course is held every three years, making it a rare opportunity.

The course duration has been extended to 20 hours.

🎁 "Early Bird" includes 10 sessions of "Rich's Dietary Class." After Pigu Cleansing, these classes elaborate on the "Nine Palaces Pain Points," explaining what each pain point represents and how to adjust your diet accordingly. (Newly produced, valued at NT 6000)

🎁 "Early Bird" includes "Ask Master Bai Yin." Exclusive Q&A time with Master Bai Yin in a live session. (Valued at NT 6000)

🎁 "Early Bird" includes "Bai Yin e-Lecture - Sound Therapy and Pigu Cleansing Special Class." (Valued at NT 6000)

🎁 "Early Bird" includes one physical classroom session for Sound Therapy guidance. (Valued at NT 4000)
👋 Addition of Pigu Cleansing "Priority-Learn," focusing on the most crucial Pigu Cleansing details. It can be replayed during the execution until the completion of Pigu Cleansing.

👋 Addition of seven Sound Therapy group practices.