May 20, 2024


Constipation Conundrum: Is It Internal Heat or Slow Intestinal Movement? Discover Effective Tricks for Stimulating Smooth Bowel Movements!

Constipation is a common issue that tends to worsen with age, affecting more women than men. It is especially prevalent among office workers who are mostly sedentary, exercise infrequently, and experience high stress. This condition can lead to hard stools, difficult bowel movements, bloating, and abdominal pain, and may even contribute to serious health issues such as hemorrhoids and colon cancer over time.

Types and Causes of Constipation

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) identifies several types of constipation, such as intestinal heat and qi stagnation. Common causes include low intestinal motility, dehydration, and excessive contraction of the anal sphincter. These issues are often influenced by diet and mental health.

Effects of Lifestyle and Qi Deficiency

A sedentary lifestyle plays a significant role in causing constipation by leading to qi and blood stagnation, which impairs intestinal functions. A qi deficiency, particularly prevalent in individuals with inherently low qi, results in reduced motility in the colon and sluggish movement of food residues, causing symptoms like recurrent abdominal pain and bloating.

Improving Bowel Movements

Master Bai Yin recommends qigong as an effective exercise to enhance digestive functions and bowel movement efficiency by boosting qi flow and reducing stagnation. His student, Ms. Shen, has seen considerable health improvements, such as enhanced digestion and a more slender physique, through daily qigong practice.

Role of Relaxation and Specific Exercises

Managing stress is crucial for addressing stress-related digestive problems. Flowing Qi Gong, which focuses on the abdomen and lower back, revitalizes the large intestine and facilitates the expulsion of waste by improving qi and blood circulation. Regular practice can result in signs of enhanced digestion, including increased gas and a warm sensation in the legs.

Holistic Approaches to Enhancing Organ Function

Master Yin Quan advocates for specific qigong practices, such as the EnerQi Beginner and Intermediate (Five Elements) techniques, to strengthen weakened organs and boost overall health and resistance to illnesses. These practices aim to restore balance and vitality, significantly improving the body’s function and longevity."

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