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Sharing from Mr. Ho,  a student from Singapore:

Four years ago, I fell in love with running. My colleague and I would regularly arrange to run together after work. I also persisted with running more than 10 kilometers every weekend, as well as participated in several half-marathon events.

In recent years, because of my increased workload, I often stayed up late, exercised less, and became out of shape. In just three years, my weight increased from 65 kg to 84 kg.

Weight Gain😨 !!!

My body often felt tired, my energy was sapped, my eyes frequently appeared red, my neck and shoulders were sore and achy.  After work and during weekends, I would just want to lie on the sofa, watch TV, play with my cell phone, and not move at all.

In September 2018, under my wife’s incessant coercion, I

Incessant Coercion

unwillingly attended HarmonyQi. At that time, I simply just wanted to go to one class, so my wife would stop her nagging. However, I was shocked during the first class:  the simple action of a pair of hands held high over the head, making trembling movements, was difficult and caused so much pain and soreness. I could not lift my hands after only a short period of palm trembling. At one time, I even felt dizzy.  Seeing that some of my older classmates fared better and endured longer than I, made suddenly realise that at only 42 years old, my health condition was at red alert zone

Red Alert !!

. I thought of my mother, wife, and children. What changes could I make?

I decided to sign up for YoungQi and EnerQi classes.  In less than 1 year, I, who used to only lie on the sofa and play with cell phone, have returned to my health condition of my 30’s, both in physical strength and energy level.  My weight has also reduced from the previous 84 kg to my current 71 kg,

Lost 13 Kgs 😊

a total reduction of 13 kgs.

In February this year (2019), I also enrolled my 12-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter for the EnerQi Beginner class. As parents, we wish our children to be healthy and grow up safely. Although school work is important, it is not as important as physical health. We should take advantage of our youth to build up a healthy body. In the future, whether the children are studying or working, they can have a good Qigong practice to accompany them,  so that they can take care of their own bodies and health.

I want to thank my great benefactor – my wife.  If it weren’t for her persistence, I could not have regained my health. Now our family is looking forward to each coming weekend, where the four of us, big and small “geese”, are happy to attend the group Qigong practice.

Weight Scale Chart:

💠September 2018,  HarmonyQi : 84kg

💠October 2018,  YoungQi Beginner :  80.8kg

💠November 2018, YoungQi Intermediate :78.9kg

💠January 2019, LotusQi : 77.9kg

💠February 2019, EnerQi Beginner : 77.1kg

💠May 2019, EnerQi Intermediate :

💠July 2019 : 71kg

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